Terms and Conditions

Hotel Rules & Regulations 

  • • This hotel is only authorized to accommodate registered guests. For this purpose, guests are to present a valid ID upon check-in.
  • • Guests are to use their accomodations for the pre-approved period of time. If the period of stay is not stipulated in advance, a PHP500 fee will be charged per additional hour of stay.
  • • Bookings must be paid in full upon reservation and any additional bills must be settled before or upon check-out.
  • • Any lost keys will result in a charge of PHP500 per key.
  • • Guests are encouraged to keep their belongings and valuable items safe.
  • • Weapons, firearms and any hazardous items are strictly prohibited for guests to bring onto the premises.
  • • No pets allowed.
  • • Cooking of any kind is not allowed inside our rooms or on our beach.
  • • No smoking inside the rooms. Any guests found to have smoked inside the rooms or non-smoking areas will be charged PHP2000 for the cleaning/deodorizing of the property and all of the items in the property (i.e curtains, furniture, window treatments, etc). 
  • • Guests may not interfere with furnishings, utilities or any other installations in the rooms or hotel property without consent of hotel management. If the guest causes any damages to any property of the hotel, they will be made to pay AT LEAST 75% of the unit price
  • • Management reserves for itself the right to refuse admission to any person on the premises and to request any guest to vacate his/her rooms at any moment, without previous notice if said person or guest does not abide by the management’s rules and regulations or disrupts the peace and safety within the property.
  • • Voda Krasna Resort & Restaurant is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property, bodily injury or loss of life by any guest arising from the use of any facilities or equipment within the resort, including, but not limited to, all watercrafts and vehicles. Visitors agree to render Voda Krasna Resort & Restaurant, it’s owners and employees, not liable for the aforementioned losses or damages. 


Cottage and Gazebo Rules

  • • Early check-in may be granted given that the cottage is not already occupied by other guests staying from the night before. Any groups staying beyond the agreed check-out time will incur a charge of PHP500 per extra hour.
  • • Each cottage/gazebo is good for 10 persons and guests may add up to ONLY 5 extra persons at an additional cost of PHP200 per head. Any guests beyond the 15 persons per group will need to book an additional accommodation.
  • • Cooking of any kind inside the cottages or on the beach is strictly prohibited.
  • • Any lost keys will result in a charge of PHP150 per key.
  • • Please turn off lights and electric fans when not in use.
  • • Please be mindful of other guests, employees and wildlife. Keep noise pollution to a minimum.
  • • Please be cautious when using the stairs, hold the handrail.
  • • Tingko Beach is a public beach with no assigned lifeguard on duty. Tourism police are present on-site for any possible issues. 

Corkage & Cooking Charges

  • • A corkage of PHP500 will be charged for any outside food and drinks (total) + additional PHP500 for whole lechon.
  • • Cooking is not allowed on our beach or in any of our rooms but we can offer you the following options:
    • We can grill your raw meats for you (including seasoning) @ PHP250 for the first 2kilos + PHP100 per additional kilo
    • We can cook your rice, as well as any other pre-prepared dishes, for you @ PHP200, regardless of quantity


Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

  • • Violating swimming rules are subject to the revocation of swimming privileges. No refunds will be given.
  • • Pool operating hours are from 6AM – 10PM. Entering the pool area when it is not open for public use is prohibited and may be considered a trespass.
  • • Please wear your pool pass wristbands when using the pool facilities. Only those with the proper wristbands may use the pool.
  • • Children 7 years old and below may use the pool facilities for free as long as they have at least one (1) paying adult to supervise them. 
  • • No Lifeguard on duty. All guests using the pool do this at their own risk.
  • • Gym shorts and underwear is not permitted as swimwear. Cotton shirts, shorts, etc. are not allowed in the pool. 
  • • No person within the pool area shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, shall be grounds for expulsion.
  • • Eating or drinking is not allowed within the pool premises. 
  • • Please leave your slippers outside the pool area. 


Refunds & Cancellations

  • • Cancellations made 1 week or more in advance will be fully refunded. Bank and transfer fees may apply. 
  • • Cancellations made 6-3 days in advance will be refunded 50%.
  • • Any cancellations made less than 3 days cannot be refunded but may be rescheduled to another date.
  • • We offer 1 free rescheduling per reservation, any additional rescheduling will require 50% payment of the room to be rescheduled.


Bookings and Reservations

  • • Please check that all of the information you have provided is correct and complete. Voda Krasna Resort and Restaurant will not be liable for any erroneous bookings made online due to incorrect or incomplete details. 
  • • Please review our Cancellation Policy. Securing your reservation means you accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy.


All visitors, by virtue of their reservation and check-in, acknowledge all the rules and regulations of the resort and agree to abide by them.

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